Remote Support

We Fix and Repair all makes and models of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We have a quick turnaround, and that at a pocket friendly price. Some of our most common are screen repairs, hard drive replacement. reloading the Operating System to give your machine that brand new feeling again. We charge a diagnostic fee ONLY if you choose not to repair or trade in your computer with us. If you find the repair is more than you want to pay, we will offer a trade-in value towards a newer laptop!


Support When You Need It

If you are familiar with the concept of remote controlling a computer then this should be nothing new to you. We use a special piece of software depending on what kind of PC problem you have, that you download to your computer. The download is very small and quick. This allows us to connect to your computer securely as if we were sitting in front of it. There is no need for a technician to come to your home.  Most importantly, you still have the ultimate control over your computer.  You can sit there and watch us work making sure that your important data stays private.  If for any reason you want to disconnect our online tech support session, with one simple click you can disconnect the computer repair technician and it’s impossible for them to get back into your PC.


Call/Chat with us at our number +234-813-436-5233 which will connect you to one of our expert technicians.  Tell us your computer problem and we will let you know if we can fix it remotely or not for no charge.  Don’t forget, we can remove viruses and also tune up your computer if its running slow.


Your online tech support technician will tell you exactly how to connect them to your PC. You simply visit a special page on our website, input your purchased remote support code, download a small file and within minutes the technician is able to start working on your PC over a secure encrypted connection.


Finally, the technician will work on your computer while you watch. If the technician is successful you will confirm the work was done properly and once you confirm it the technician will permanently disconnect from your computer.

Available Remote IT Support Plans